A popular vacation spot, Wultlie Lagoon is a sheltered area of remarkably clear water north of Croper's Cove. Surrounded by high, fern-covered cliffs, this lagoon is home to many dazzling species of fish and sea creatures. Diving is very popular here for those who can hold their breath long enough, as nearly all the creatures living in the lagoon are harmless. Occasionally, however, a less friendly (and more hungry) creature pays the lagoon a visit, so diving is done at one's own risk.

The waters of the lagoon are fairly shallow, and as such few large vessels will willingly sail into it. The evidence of one such folly still remains in the form of a grounded galleon near the northwest part of the lagoon. The Mother of Pearl restaurant currently operates from the refurbished wreck, serving fine seafood cuisine in a nautical atmosphere. It caters largely to the visiting elite, though the upper decks are open for anyone willing to spend hefty gilders on fresh-caught delicacies. Supposedly, the Emperor Himself dines there on occasion, and gives the resturant top marks. Thus, the Mother of Pearl enjoys the status of the East Tookumberry Key's most popular eatery.