Tully Shore, on the southeastern coast of Vulpinsula, is a pleasent streatch of coastline to visit. Its beachs are made up of powder-fine sand, its warm waters are clear and free of pollution and the waves always lap gently against the shore. The grassy bluffs along Tully Shore slope gently down to to meet the sand. It is, in the mind of many beasts, the epiphany of the word "vacation."

Because of this, the Rich and Really Quite Insanely Rich keep many summer homes along the Shore. During the warmer months, they can be seen grouped along the beach, sitting under their frilly umbrellas and making rude "Hmphing" noises at their neighbors. Its a chance for the elite to socialize, gossip and generally try and climb the social ladder. The culture of the Rich is an alien one to the average citizen and so many writers and academics gather there as well to study these unsual customs in hopes of finding out what it all means.