Tok by yeswonderful-d5vz2qv

Tok Larks, as drawn by yeswonderful.

Alkamarian Wars

Tok (Left) and Khan of the 108th in the Alkamarian Wars


Tok Larks is Brek's uncle. He served in the Imperium's military throughout most of his life. He joined the Army during the Alkamarian Wars and enlisted in the Navy during the Valles Mensa War. Currently he serves aboard The Golden Hide with his nephew.

From the Bunk:Edit

Gender: Male

Species: Fox

Weapon: Broadsword

Nameday: Winter of 1691


Tok owns a very seasoned sailor look. His fur is long shaggy and brown like Brek's but seems washed out, not grey yet but faded from it's once youthful hue. He has a scar that runs from the tip of his right ear, between his eyes, across his snout, and to the bottom of his left cheek.

His normal attire is an old military issued trousers and shirt, along with boots. On colder days he's been seen to sport either his old Navy jacket or his older Army Jacket. Formal occasions? Don't be silly. He always carries a broadsword, once made by his brother, Varde.

Character bio: Edit

Tok's past was mostly a mistery to him until just recently, He suffered amnesia after an attack on his ship, the name of the ship escapes him, and was on Bully Harbor sand when he woke from that nightmare. He wouldn't let any beast learn his dreams in fear of them have been memories.

He wandered in the streets of Bully Harbor and didn't know where to go, Tok tried to survive with a beast with simular problems: Jeremy K. Nightfur.

Recently it has been known Brek and Tok have been reunited though the old todd still has some memory still lost. He now recalls his relation to Brek and the others of the Larks family. And he also went into a short period of mourning after learning of his brother's death.

After being pressured to rejoin the Navy by Brek, he also met an old military brother in arms; Khan . Though it may prove that there are some skeletons still trying to break 'Gates by the two vets' doing.