Grey Guard Symbol

The Vulpine Skull, symbol of the Grey Guard. As drawn by Kaiea Malikus.

Rising up in an almost direct reaction to the Anarchist Group Maelstrom and the notorious M.A.U.L., the Grey Guard is a militia group comprised of the Common Folk oppressed by Bully Harbour's recent (1733) state. Their main purpose is to strike back at the foes of Bully Harbour, both foreign and domestic, and is generally considered high in morality. Though this may be due to the fact it was first created by Minister of Niceties, Marquo L. Senderjay. The Grey Guard is run in the shadows by the Ash Prophet, a title and mask bestowed upon a beast strong and wise enough to carry it, and the MinoNice- though if asked, will promptly disregard any question as false information.

"I [MinoNice] will raise a Grey Guard composed of beasts from all walks of life. I will organize them, fund them, train them and arm them. They will live out their days in peace, attending to their labors and joys until their lives are interrupted by one of these malcontent agencies.

"This resistance will be based in every neighborhood, on every street and vessel in the Imperial Navy . They will know each other by the fox's skull printed on grey cloth, however they choose to wear it. They will fight in defense of their homes and neighbors, taking up weapons when they are threatened.

"When the time comes- and it will come sooner than we fear- they will rise up from secrecy and claim their place as a recognized element of Imperial life. I am building a home for them as we speak, a great Citadel with a view of the city entire."

-Marquo L. Senderjay, Minister of Niceties [As seen in Veritas! Aequitas! Frimary, 1733]


Pavot Grey Guard

Pavot in Grey Guard uniform. By Pavot S.

As with the Unsmudgables, each member of the Grey Guard is allowed to wear whatever type of clothing they so choose, as long as one visible part of their garment is grey in color and upon it they display proudly the symbol of a Vulpine Skull. Be you poor or rich, you need not worry about wearing or buying a garment along the lines of a uniform. 

Headquarters LocationEdit

The headquarters of the Grey Guard is the aptly named and in construction Citadel, created by the MinoNice simply for the purpose. As to if it has secret passages, the Minister is rather tight-lipped on the subject. Keep your eyes peeled on upcoming threads!

Ulterior MotiveEdit

The Grey Guard has a second purpose, being secretly given orders by the MinoNice and Unsmudgables. Any members of the Grey Guard that excel in combat are considered cantidates for becoming Unsumdgables, due to their sudden drop in members after a stasis period. This is not common knowledge, however, and the Captain of the Unsmudgables, Kaiea Malikus, considers the trials of being in the Grey Guard a good test as to candidacy.