The Golden Hide

Shovar, upon the Golden Hide, as seen in the 1733 Christmas Card.

Leading the charge by tseegadu-d5wzn5d

Vertherian Ullyanov, long ago Captain of the Golden Hide. Here she leads a raid, in the distance her ship. Image belongs to Tseegadu of DeviantArt.

The Golden Hide, pride of the Emperor's navy and home for many scoundrels, drunks, thieves, and madbeasts! Boasting the most land gained than any other ship, and the largest crew, the Hide is also the fastest in the fleet. The Hide also had a resident golden eagle named Tobey who lived on board, but with departure of Tanya, so to did he leave. An old, crazed rat named Griss lives in its hold; It is said that Griss has never been seen abovedecks, and he is not listed in the ship's manifest.

Aleyah Malik was slain in the line of duty by an agent of the Faction Maelstrom, on the island of Coran whilst investigating the Faction's contact point at the behest of the Ministry of War. Currently, Brek Larks is the Captain of The Golden Hide.

Captained By Brek Larks Ship Type Galleon
First Mate: Shovar McCallah Location At Sea
Second Mate: Not Found Land Gained 26,451
Bosun: Not Found Crewbeasts


Previous Captains:Edit

Brek Larks (Soggus 26th, 1733 - Present), Aleyah Malik (Primary 8th, 1731 - Soggus 26, 1733), Armina Rogue (17?? - Dismembre 1730), Tanya S. Rainblade-Ryalor, Anithias A. Freedom, Fafnir E. Harlgren, Tislane TinkerVertherian Ullyanov, Vespero DeVespilio, Nuori S. Freemont, Valdrisk Half-Ear, Amanita Geruk, Kenshin R. Bladedart, Varen S. Verdeloth.