The docks are seperated into five different sections, as follows.

Fishminister's DocksEdit

The Fishminsters Docks, not to be confused with the Fishminsters Warf, is the larger dock for long range merchant vessels staying at Bully Harbor. It has a large road connecting it to the market and to the Northern Warehouses. Many of the wealthier merchants are given a spot on this dock.

Fishminister's WarfEdit

The Fishminsters Warf, not to be confused with the Fishminsters Docks, is the smaller dock for more island-bound ships and carriers, who are perhaps transporting goods by ship from the Maquistry Cape. The large road from the Warf to the Market is perilous, being so close to the Slups , and thus is a main source of commerce for the impovershed part of town (being hired as protectors for goods along the road, and being hired as theives to take the goods from those inadequately protected).

With limited access to the Northern Warehouses (not to mention a killer left turn), most of the goods from the Warf go straight to market. Also with limited access to the richer areas of town (The Insanely Rich Area and Zann's Backyard), few luxury items are imported through this area.

The Local DocksEdit

The local docks are used primarily by fisherman and ferriers, and by the odd pirate which has a small ship to fit inconspicuously there. The fisherman largely fish in the harbor area, seldom venturing out into the deeper waters. The ferriers work as a way to bypass the dangerous gauntlet which is the Warf road, connecting the fishminsters warf to the market. They carry goods directly from the boats on the warf to the local docks, then cart them down the local road to the market.

Imperial DocksEdit

The Imperial Docks are where Imperial Warships settle into port for half of their time. Their position has largely determined the geography of the city, with the Barracks and Imperial Condos so close. There is some speculation as to the oddly straight road from the MinoMis Offices to the docks. Along with Imperial Warships, the Imperial Docks have a spot for an infrequent Special Package Carrier. The Imperial Docks also boast an array of Special Escort Ships, luxurious affairs usually used to ferry beasts from Bully Harbour to the Imperial Jetty.

Imperial JettyEdit

The Imperial Jetty is a small dock, heavily guarded, for the ships of important citizenry, foreign ambassadors, heads of state, ministry officials, and other beasts who cannot be disclosed at this time or place for any purpose.