Directors Men

The Symbol of The Director's Men, as done by Kaiea Malikus.

A shadowy organization that has its fingers in everyone's pie, The Director's Men are the true object behind M.A.U.L. and the Ministry of Misanthropy. Run by a figure known as "The Director", who is not-so-secretly the MinoMis, The Director's Men quietly run M.A.U.L., infliltrate other factions, and cause chaos where there might have otherwise been order.


Entrance to the Director's Men is strictly controlled. Once a position is granted by the Minister it is a position for life. This means that the best way for a potential member to join is to assassinate the current holder. This has several benefits; it keeps the Director's Men constantly alert, it ensures that only the very best of M.A.U.L. gain entrance and it avoids the problem of disgruntled ex- members (considered too dangerous to be left alive!)

All members are expected to be experts in infiltration and other core M.A.U.L. skills. They are also all expected to show high levels of intelligence and cunning. Indeed, they are considered by those who acknowledge their existence to be equal in skill to the Unsmudgables, but much more devious! Ranking is as follows:

  • The Director (Minister of Misanthropy)
  • The Scrubbah - A Rouge Fighter, Proficient with Fists and Blades - Hematite
  • The Shadow - An Assassin with a Skilled Blade - Onyx
  • The Dark Star - A Spy's Spy, Never Seen or Heard - Star Diopside
  • The Black Wind - A Dead-eye Shot with Bows - Cat's Eye Quartz
  • The Blighted - A Doctor of Deadly Persuasions - Bloodstone

Once a member is inducted they are only ever referred to by their titles, thus allowing their true identities to remain hidden. Members wear hooded black cloaks, sometimes covering their faces below the eyes with a black scarf.

The RiteEdit

The Director's Men have a hidden headquarters, deep in a secret cave. Underground there is a circular cave with six alcoves carved in the wall. Torches in brackets on the walls provide light. In the centre of the cave is a mosaic floor which shows the faction's emblem; a downward facing dagger with a serpent coiled around it. Each member of the faction holds a clasp broach of this symbol in silver, the pommel of the dagger fitted with a different coloured precious stone for each position, specified on the list below. When the Minister gives permission to a potential to try and gain entry to the faction, success is judged when the recruit returns with the badge of the position he aspired for.

The History of The Director's MenEdit

Under the first Minister of Misanthropy, The Director's Men was a far more powerful organization. Simply known as "The Director", the first MinoMis ran his organization like a well oiled clock.