Everybeast loves in the Bilge in the Bucket. It's probably some sort of law. In which case, everybeast not currently incarcerated loves the Bilge in the Bucket, or the Bilge, as it is affectionately called for the sake of brevity, a most useful thing for those who have spent the past few hours in the Bilge.

The Bilge in the Bucket was, and is, Bully Harbour's very first tavern, back when everybeast was either a sailor or some other rough-and-tumble profession that is much like sailing in that their salaries are not based upon such things as baths, intelligence, or the ability not to shout and hit things after a few pints. Throughout the years, the Bilge has preserved its initial characteristics - now called "traditions" - much to the horror of the upper class and the delight of those who're too inebriated to notice they're sitting in something that's a good two or three decades older than their grandfather, and was probably created by their great-grandfather.

The Bilge is not a very family-orientated place to dine. Being inside the Bilge for even a few minutes can learn a beast many new, exciting words that shouldn't be uttered to upstanding citizens. Especially upstanding citizens who have weapons. Not that your average Bilge patron would care; your average Bilge patron is often more heavily armed than the storage room of the Bully Harbor Arms Depot, although probably not as proficient with their weapons as the store room might be. Yes, the store room itself, not an employee. Your average Bilge patron has 60% percent more alcohol than blood running through them.


The Bilge does not, as one may think, have any or every drink available for purchase. For instance, a glass of Pierre Parnasse probably costs, per sip, what the Bilge makes in total income per decade. Certain other drinks in the Imperium represent a health-hazard to the average citizen, such as the infamous Red Stuff, and Odde Tinge, to name two of the most well-known liquors.

Instead, the Bilge offers a vast selection of lesser drinks that pander to even Phil the Hobo's price-range, as well as a competent staff of bartenders, should one wish to mix two drinks together and shave a few years off their life.

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