Currently the Mayor of Bully Harbour.

From the BunkEdit

Species Weasel

Gender Male

Weapon Rapier

Nameday Primary 20, 1693


Tandor is a well-dressed weasel of thirty-nine years, tall and slim, but not in a particularly athletic way. He wears a pair of round glasses and can generally be seen in an impeccably-kept, black three-piece suit with a varying brightly colored vest. Though he can wield a rapier, his office as Mayor does not often require such vestments, so it is often kept in its sheath next to his desk. If he is out and about, Tandor will wear it with a shoulder strap that clips into his belt. However, he is only middling with the blade, as his upbringing hardly called for training in such things. 


Tandor was raised as an only child in a well-to-do family that lives in the Insanely Rich Area. He was never wanting of anything as a child and was a dutiful student. The weasel went to several years of University in Amarone while in his late teens and early twenties, graduating with honors in the studies of political science and accounting. Upon returning to Bully Harbor, he went to work as a bookkeeper and publicist for the Mayor. To his credit, the weasel survived through multiple political upheavals, changes in Mayoral power, and several revolutions.

He met his future wife, Carissa, while working in the offices of the Mayor. She was a secretary for a Mayoral official until she decided to join the Fogeys, as working the streets was far more appealing to her. They married when she was twenty one and Tandor twenty five.

Recently, yet another Mayor left office with nobeast to fill the beast's role. Tandor had moved up in power in the offices, becoming an adviser to the Mayor. With the vacant office and whispers circulating that Misanthropy was going to fill the office with another one of their beasts, Tandor took advantage of the insecurities and seized the position of Mayor with the hopes of instilling a newfound sense of duty in service of Bully Harbor to the Faction. He will admit to the closest of companions that it was his wife's idea, for he never would have had the gumption to do such a thing on his own.


Nidd,  Skip Newby,  Tiffin McGoose,  Carissa Slemm [deceased],  Tophin Middles,  Caper [deceased],  Zera,  Vin,  Onya,  Tinkers,  Riggim [deceased],  Lennoly Cantbury,  Kirko,  Inda, and  Mik Blacktail.