Retto a arbach by sarcasticmarten-d6abuiy

Retto as portrayed by SarcasticMarten of DeviantArt!

Out of Character, Retto is the lord and master of the Vulpine Imperium. Our gracious master of the internet, he makes sure that the website is up and running whenever a complaint is filed. He alone holds the position of Minister of Innovation, and will until the day the site withers and dies.

In game, he runs the Quackenshire business along with the Ministry of Innovation.

From the Bunk: Edit

Species: Ferret

Gender: Male

Nickname: Colonel Arbach

Upon first glance, you would probably say that Retto was definately scrawny, either eccentric or insane, and not self-conscious at all. His thin, tan-furred arms are splattered with ink stains, and his fur is generally ruffled. His clothing shows a very different sense of style which somehow fits (though not one creature could tell you how, or replicate it for others).

Biography: Edit

Retto got the rank in the usual way - with a frankly brilliant invention which would gather lots of money. It beat out, in terms of revenue gain, the invention of the previous Minister of Innovation, and he gained the rank. He has been an Imperial citizen for his entire life.

Alternatives: Edit

Igor P. Igor, and Shinepaw.