Pricklee Pointe is the main settlement on the Mahsterious Sahthern Cahntinent, so named after the large and prominent peninsula it rests on. It is a fairly large fortified town, the bulk of the settlement surrounded by stockade walls and and the occasional watchtower, should woodlanders, pirates or other enterprising groups of vermin attempt to take the Pointe. Its main production is timber, being in the middle of a large forest, and supplying to an expanding island nation.

From Voil Village and the Drustan Wood, it draws imports. Pricklee Pointe is  notable because it is one of the largest importers of fish, grain, potatoes, cloth, and candles. Fish, grain and potatoes, which can be found most anywhere else in abundance, are sold here at great profits. Pricklee Pointe has, not surprisingly, a bi-monthly Fish, Grain and Potato Market Extravaganza, which is treated practically as a festival by enterprising merchants of the Pointe.