Petroa is a somewhat bland, rocky island due north of the Vulpinsula. There's not much to see or do on Petroa, the island being little more than some scraggly trees and precipitous crags. Much like Length, the few beasts living there eke out a meager exsistance by fishing. If one seeks to get away from busier society and can fend for themselves, this is an ideal spot, where one usually isn't bothered.

Oddly, the island has generated some bizarre and eager ideas in the minds of entrepreneurs, and ownership of land on the island has gone from contested to so befuddled no one really bothers with the legalites anymore. One former landowner had plans to convert most of the island into something akin to a park, but with a carnival set up that never packed up and left. (Un)Fortunatley, he was taxed into submission under shady circumstances and was forced to give up his plans for the so-called "amusement park." In more recent years, eager realtors have been trying vainly to sell property there. The sleepy island just doesn't generate enough interest in the public.