Little is known about the Minstry of Innovation. Very little. It maintains a corner office in the capital, but the office contains only a suggestion box and nothing else. It is said that the MinoInn is responsible for most of the Imperium's frequent and non sequitor technological advancements.

The Ministry of Innovation rouses little interest from the other Ministries. Despite the important role it plays in the imperium, it is isolated and the Minister often forgets to continue his animosity. Some of the ministers enjoy playing small tricks on him.

The current MinoInno is Retto A. Arbach .

The History of My Left Shoe SpeechEdit

Excerpt from the Journal of Francis Corrigan Willikins, an entry on the divergence of a speech On The Subject Of Why Our Plates Should Be Yellow, written and orated by the Colonel Arbach, Vulpine Imperium.

" if our plates were all yellow, well, it would cost money, but we'd lose less of them...and we'd know which ones are ours. And...well, I expect you all find this quite boring, and are, in fact, wondering why I am not wearing a shoe on my left foot. Well, um. Yes, it seems as if my left shoe is right now preoccupied in" - at this point, the Colonel searched his pockets for a moment, finally pulling out a slip of paper - "Kenny's Bunk Pointe ?? No, I don't understand why there was a town called that either; it seems rather foolish. But my left shoe is preoccupied, which I know because we recieved a message by Poste a few days ago from an influencial and, it seems, rather stunning (I am no expert in these things) right shoe, and the Ministry of Niceties arranged for its passage there immediately

"I'd be concerned, but, well, it's happened before. It was called to Length a few months ago to recieve an Honorary Diploma from the School For Left Shoes. The Ministry of Niceties arranged for its passage, but somehow missed out in retaining the Diploma, and, to my dismay, the School For Left Shoes?. Weeks previous, it went urgently - again in the middle of the night - to Amarone , to visit the Left Shoe of the Emperor. Let me just say this, my Left Shoe is rather traveled, and if it could talk or have a cognitive process, I'm sure it would have a few things to say. I expect my Right Shoe wants to do something, but I'm afraid the Ministry of Niceties doesn't like it much, and it never goes anyhere."

Previous MinoInno:Edit

The successon of the MinoInno is as follows:

  • Colonel Arbach
  • T.U. Wantangru Fissureborn
  • Retto A. Arbach