An islet just of Resolution's northern coast. Grunsfeld is a bleak, sandy place. Hot, dry and dismal, not many venture to this island. There's no point to, really, since there's nothing there but sand and the occasional boulder.

At the dead center of the island, however, sits the only sight of interest; the dusty and abandoned relic of the Cabin Fever, the only tavern in the area of several miles once upon a time. It didn't enjoy the best business, and its poor location made it the only interesting thing in the area of Resolution for awhile, which is not saying much. What fate befell the place is shrouded in myth, but very few make an effort to go there. Some say it's haunted, while others claim a ghost would be right mad to want to come back to Grunsfeld at all. Thus, the sight is dismissed as a mediocre curiosity.