Farruca, as seen from the map of the Imperium.

Stuck within the Frigid Circle, Farruca is a cold chunk of land with chilly summers and freezing winters. Very little is known about it, other than it is extremely difficult to get to. Valdrisk Half-Ear was one of the few traders within the Imperium that knew the route well enough to make enough money.


A large specimen of Farrucan Crystal.

The country has very little wealth from trade, due to its location. Their most famous export is of aptly-named Farrucan crystals, which have the delightful property of changing colorr to match the mood of the wearer. Since they are located so far north, their primary source of income is the crystals, which sadly sell for extremely low prices, despite their beauty.

Relying on fishing for survival, Farruca is not a fun place to be. Bring your winter clothes, because the summers are cold and the winters are freezing.