Turncoat WANTED poster by TheChloeKazoo

A wanted poster for Fafnir, a member of the turncoat revolution. Created by TheChloeKazoo of DeviantArt.


Previous member of the Turncoat Revolutionary group, and Captain of the Blood Leacher.

From the BunkEdit

Species Monitor Lizard

Gender Male

Weapon Rapier


Fafnir is a large monitor lizard who's probably seen a few winters. He wears beaten-up black clothing filled with countless pockets (some hidden, some not), a black cloak and hood, boots up to his knees, and a black rag tied around his tail. There also seems to be a rapier hanging from his belt, so look out.

All in all, Fafnir's appearance is fairly similar to that of another tall monitor lizard the Imperium once knew, except that Fafnir is older and not nearly as pretty.

UPDATE: Recently, Fafnir's foot was badly wounded in battle, and the bottom of his left leg had to be amputated. He now possesses a pegleg in its place.


You want to know..? Hah.. Try asking him yourself...