East Took

East Tookumberry Key, as seen from the Map of the Imperium.

Croper's Cove is a small cove in the East Tookumberry Key, on an island that has yet to be named for unknown reasons. Though small, the sandy shore along the cove's length is composed of almost entirely black sand, the only known shore of its kind in the Imperium. You'd think this alone would be enough to give it attention. But no. Most vermin couldn't care less about the color of the sand. Its just sand, after all.

What intrigues most beasts is what could potentially be under the sand. A local legend claims that the cove was once the hideout of the Ivory Corsairs, a band of successful pirates, in days of yore. Furthermore, it states that one out of every five pirates has their stash on the cove (usually idiots who believe in fictitious ideas of pirates burying their booty), that sometimes you can just stick a spade in the ground, without a map at all, and strike gold.

The most famous story concerning unearthing lost riches is about Croper himself, at the time a young privateer. Bumbling around in the middle of the night with a half-chest full of gold, he stuck a spade into the ground and found enough plunder to buy a house on Parva and establish himself as a noble and honest beast, as well as giving the cove its name. Ever since, many make pilgrimages to Croper's Cove, armed to the teeth with digging tools in hopes of finding swag.

Incidentally, there is a large, smoking mountain near the back of the island. Nobody really pays attention to it.