The Layout of Bully Harbor and surrounding territories.

The Vulpine Imperium. Home to the various species of vermin who live there. The Imperium is ruled by an Emperor- may his golden fog roll down upon thee- in the Capital city of Amarone, and secondly ruled by the five Ministers whose respective ministries are located in the city of Bully Harbor.

The Imperium consists of a main island of Vulpinsula, the East Tookemberry Key Islands, Magh, Resolution, territories in the Mahsterious Sahthern Cahntinent, and a few stray islands.

As a sea based empire, the Imperium boasts a powerful Navy. The current top three ships of that Navy are The Golden Hide, Skeered of Nothing, and The Blackship. The Imperium also has an Army and other factions such as the Stoatorian Guard, Fogey Police Force, Kreehold Mercenaries, to name a few.

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