Resolution, as seen from the Map of the Imperium.

Resolution is a low ring of an island near the East Tookumberry Key and the Sea of Pleasantries, near also to Vulpinsula . It is dry, boring, and a test of self-control and determination. Even interesting weather seems to skirt these islands for the more lush, interesting islands of the Key, making it generally dusty and almost blandly clear seemingly all the time.

It produces Luxuries, Fish, Spices, Candles and needs Cloth, Timber, Grain, Potatoes, Berries, Grapes. It is a regular stop on the Bully Harbour - Pricklee Pointe  - East Tookemberry merchanting run.

The island, dull as it is, is known for three things: a place to careen one's ship, the origin of the term "island fever," and the site of the Imperium's only saltwater lake. Careening seems to be the only thing that brings ships to the island these days.

Not much more can be said for the surrounding islands, which are: Grunsfeld, Coran, and Welsith.

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