The many Factions of the Vulpine Imperium are groups of beasts, whether player or NPC, who share common goals, veiwpoints, and visions. While many pay members according to rank, some unofficial factions or Minor Factions are purely for role-playing and plot developement. The same can be said of OOC Factions.

To join a Faction, one must contact the leader of said faction and find how they are to enter. Often, these leaders will post on the Advertisement Forum, where they will make a thread to announce when they are recruiting new members.

Most Factions have In-Character roles and duties needed to be performed, whether acting on patrol for the Fogeys or on a hit job for the Kreehold or spying on suspected illegal activities for M.A.U.L.. As a member of a Faction, one must frequently perform the duties that are required to both stay as an active member and advance in the ranks.

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