East Took

East Tookumberry Key, as seen from the Map of the Imperium.

A chain of islands far southeast of Vulpinsula, across the Sea of Calamities, East Tookumberry Key is a socialist Utopia populated by goodbeats. The Vulpine Imperium lets them do mostly as they please and then trades with the beasts. You might think that goes against a socialist philosophy. It does not.

Geographically, the Key contains some of the most rich and beautiful islands in the Imperium, featuring pleasent warm shores with many exotic and colorful plants, and a clear sea teeming with a multitude of sealife. Many beasts living on the Imperium's more drab islands (particularly Resolution) dream of living there. That's most allbeasts do, though. Dream. Property there is scarce, and the prices of ownership have risen drastically within the last few years. It seems the only way to live there is to already be living there.

Being a popular destination for tourists and seafarers alike, the Key has many unique and interesting sights, including: Croper's Cove, East Tookemberry, Berford Island, Tucket Rock, and Wultlie Lagoon.

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