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Bully Harbor, also known as Bouillabaisse Harbour, is the main port for the Naval Fleet and is home to the Ministries that control the Imperium. Though not the capital of Vulpinsula, it hosts all of the Ministries main buildings and the primary naval port and warehouses-- though one could easily argue that it is the heart of Vulpinsula and the Imperium.

Bully Harbor is comprised of five residential districts. In order of weath they are: The Slups, The Barracks, Imperial Condos, Zann's Backyard, and the Insanely Rich Area.

Bully Harbor also has a business district, centered in the Trenches, but reaches to such areas as: Zann's Alley, Zann's Backyard, the Market, and the Northern Warehouses.

The Docks are seperated into five main areas, reaching from the lowly Fishminister's Dock to the Imerial Jetty. The primary weath of the Harbor comes from these docks, so even the Fishminister's Dock is in prime condition and commonly travelled.

If you're looking for food and festivities, the locals tend to disperse towards the Bilge in the Bucket and the Bowen Arrow, along with Satire Square. If you're a beast of class, you'll likely find yourself at the Red Herring or Bouillabaisse Harbor Opera. Beware the Plume in the Bonnet if you aren't a minister; they'll throw anybeast out!

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The posts in the Bilge and the Thoroughfare are centered within Bully Harbor at large. Make sure to take this to heart when posting!

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