The Blackship by calria

The BlackShip, as modeled by Calria on DeviantArt.


Black Ship Emblem by Eiko Fireye

Captained by the harsh weaselmaid, Anor Amontiado, the BlackShip remains the largest ship in the Imperial Navy. Its crew is a little on the small side, but still one of the most well-rounded in the fleet - while not strong in any specific area, they overcome their perils and enemies through sheer perseverance, teamwork, friendly bickering, and ingenuity. (Would you consider melted cheese and an auger useful tools for putting out a cabin fire?) It is oft said, "A dull moment on the 'BlackShip' is like a gilder in the paw of a drunkard; rare and quickly spent."

The BlackShip also retains a resident mascot one Hubert the blue crab. Hubert spends most of his waking hours lurking about the brig and his sleeping hours snoozing in the brig. He has also been spotted entering the mess a time or two to force handouts from diners. If not bothered he remains docile however even the slightest offense has the makings of an eye-stalk waving tantrum. Beware the blue crab of doom!

Captained By Anor Amontiado Ship Type Man of War
First Mate: Karath Nikolas Location At Sea
Second Mate: Not Found Land Gained 26,890
Bosun: Not Found Crewbeasts 12

Previous Captains:Edit

Agle Eagle, Myrhakel Greenfire, Calria Eagle, Castrigg Waters, Vulpera Errul, Zilaco Wyndshard, Aria F. Nocturne (Frimary 22nd, 1730 - Frimary 8th, 1733), Raven Brinewater (Frimary 1733 - Humidor 22nd, 1733), Anor Amontiado (Humidor 22nd, 1733 - Present)