Itte has come to attentions myne that the generale conduct of ye forumes must be policed and regulated; thuse I have writtene theese regulations.

  1. Ye must spam not. (You may not post spam. Spam includes, but is not limited to, one-line/word posts which contribute nothing and mindless repeated posts)
  2. Ye must conduct yourselfes with language which isse appropriate to officeres and citizenes of the Imperium. (You may not swear, nor may you use abbreviations or symbols - E.G. #@)($*- in place of profanity.)
  3. Itte isse forbiddene to arrange meetyings on thee physical plane usinge our forumes. (We're not a dating service, nor should you attempt to set up meetings in real life using our forums. This introduces a legal liability we are not prepared to accept.)
  4. Ye must conducte yourselfes in fashion of a gentlemane or ladye; do not insult otheres. (You cannot insult other people on our boards. Period.)
  5. Thise forumes are for the enjoyement and light banter of ye publick; Religious and Political discussions shouldst be taken elsewhere. (No religious or political discussions, thank you.)
  6. Those who breake these lawes shalt be punished by myselfe and thee other ministeres to the fulle extente of the law. (Break the rules and you will be banned.)