This small, sandy little island north of East Tookumberry is surprisingly infamous for such a benign looking place. The only foliage being swaying sea grasses and a few washy palms, it has been the sight of many a marooning. The bones of unfortunate sailors are said to lie buried just under the sand, and great care is taken to avoid this island. Unless, of course, you're a scoudrel that wants to maroon someone. Then this island fits the bill perfectly.

Legend also has it a mysterious phantom vessel can be seen on moonless night in the waters surrounding Breford Island, sailing in circles around it as if on patrol. Some say it is crewed by the poor, restless souls who met their ends stranded there, but that doesn't make sense. If they were marooned, why would they have a ship? Most say it's rubbish, and that it should be ignored. However, this doesn't stop beasts from taking the long way around when there's no moon out.