Aleyah Malik, former captain of The Golden Hide and sister to former first mate Zakim Malik. After a skirmish with a Maelstrom agent, Aleyah was killed in action.

From the Bunk:Edit

Nameday: Bugs 24, 1708

Aleyah (Ah-lay-uh) is an average-looking rat of twenty four years. She has dark brown fur and is near average height and weight, though of strong build. Her eyes are a dark, grey-blue. She wears simple clothing: a loose, white button-up shirt with a blue vest and loose tan pants. She is a skilled marksbeast with the bow, and is an all-around capable and athletic beast.


She is the second eldest of the Malik family and has always had a mind of her own. Though she is often a source of great frustration to her father, she is also a source of pride to him, for she acted much like the son that Zakim never was. She took well to her schooling and martial training, and holds in great importance her responsibilities within the family.

As such, when she heard of her little brother's misadventures at sea, she decided to join the Navy to keep an eye on him and make sure he wasn't killed. Her father refused at first, but finally relented when she pointed out that she was ten times more competent than Zakim, and if he could survive the dangerous life at sea, then she would have no problems.

However, things became complicated when Zakim was captured, tortured, a released a changed beast. Still timid as ever in most circumstance, he had become explosively unpredictable, prone to fits of insane violence. Aleyah tried to protect him against himself, but she could not be present at all times. He eventually died at the paws of another crewbeast who was trying to stop him during one of his fits.

Aleyah has found herself in a difficult position on the Hide. On several occasions she has had to take over leadership of the ship and crew due to the Captain's absence. She proved herself highly competent on those occasions, earning the respect of the crew. Despite the fact that she never sought the power, nor does she relish it, she realizes that, without her, the crew likely would not have survived due to the Captain's incompetency. With her brother dead, she does not have any obligation to stay with the Hide, but she finds that she is driven to remain with the beasts and the ship she has come to care for.